Hi there - I'm an aspiring visual storyteller, or at times your common graphic designer, (a little like the "common cuckoo" or the "common frog"). My work? ~Simple, ~Creative, ~To-the-point, ~Clean, ~Inquisitive, ~Symbolic, and most importantly *Meaningful* design!

Welcome, to my creative storytelling journey!

A Few Words On How I Work

I like to approach every different design project in a meticulous and effective way, in order to achieve quality results. I map out what is essential to begin the project, ask questions and work collaboratively with clients to help visualize their creative ideas and bring value to their projects. 

I am currently exploring UI/UX design and venturing in using animation and motion design in my art as well, so I'll keep it coming! =)

Don't hesitate to contact me for any inquiries, collaborations or just to say hi!

A Few Words About Me

Hello there! =)

I'm Marina, a self-taught graphic designer / illustrator - and a trained actor, full of excitement and an attentive work ethic, as design - and generally creativity! - are things I am very passionate about. 

I'm always looking to develop and tell different stories in creative visual ways because I do believe that - though it may sound cheesy - a picture is, indeed, worth 1000 words.

I hope you will enjoy my selective work portfolio!

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

C. S. Lewis